Z Nation
Z Nation
Karl Schaefer, Craig Engler
Action & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Z Nation - Review

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Z Nation: A Fun Take on Zombie Horror

Z Nation is a show that aired on Syfy that is a combination of genres, so with each episode, you can get a little drama, comedy, horror, and action to keep you entertained. In fact, the creators of the show, Schaefer and Engler, have often compared the show to The Walking Dead, which they have considered to be far too serious for a zombie television show.

When the show started in 2014, the characters are in the third year of a zombie apocalypse that has already nearly made the human race extinct. In a flashback at the beginning of the series, you will learn that one of the characters in the show was living in prison in Kittery, Maine with two others. The prisoners were given one of three different vaccinations by the government to see what effect the drug had on them.

Murphy is the only survivor that was given any of the vaccinations, and when he was later bitten by a zombie, he remained human. This means that his blood has antibodies that could potentially save humanity, so they must transport him from New York to California's CDC, which is the last known government facility of this type that is still functioning.

Murphy is not 100 percent during the trip across the country, and he actually seems to be turning into a type of hybrid that is half human and half zombie. His skin appears to be changing, and he is able to control some of the zombies that the group encounters along the way. He still has full control over his body, so he is not a full zombie, but he is hiding secrets about the changes that could put them all in danger.

The main story focuses on the journey that these characters are making across the country and the struggle that they are facing during the journey. Intended as a show that can bring the fun and laughter to the zombie apocalypse, this show is quite successful at doing just that. One of the most memorable scenes is the opening sequence that shows a space wasteland where a band of survivors encounters endless hordes of zombies. Suddenly a giant wheel of cheese that is at least 20 feet tall starts rolling down the street to kill the zombies.

Another fun aspect that many fans enjoyed was the play on the movie Sharknado when there are zombies in the tornado instead of sharks. There are also a lot of different types of zombies that would not be encountered in similar shows to bring up the antics during their journey. In fact, the show was so popular that Netflix released a prequel series called Black Summer that leads up to the events that begin the apocalypse. The series ended in 2018 after the airing of the fifth and final season.

The Cast of Characters

  • Kellita Smith as Roberta Warren: Lieutenant Roberta Warren is an ex-National Guard who joined the group of survivors early on. She has lost nearly everything in her life, so when Garnett dies in season one, she takes charge and become the leader of the group.
  • Dj Qualls as Simon Cruller: Also known as Citizen Z, Simon is a former hacker that was working at the NSA's Northern Lights Post. He runs a broadcast for the survivors to hear along the way, and he has a dog names Pup who serves as his companion. Slowly he is going mad until he leaves the post and meets Kaya.
  • Keith Allan as Alvin Murphy: Murphy is a former convict who is the only person that is known to have survived a bite from a zombie. He is believed to be immune to the virus that is spreading across the nation, but his appearance is changing as they go. He can also bite or use his saliva to control others. He is the reason that the group is headed to California; he may have the cure in his blood, and he needs to get to the only working CDC location left in the country.
  • Anastasia Baranova as Addy Carver: As a member of the group of survivor's, she is a communication specialist that can make it possible to contact Citizen Z. She is slowly being worn down by the apocalypse; her weapon of choice for fighting zombies is a bat that has metal spikes. In season three, her bat is upgraded to stun the target with an electric pulse when hit.
  • Russell Hodgkinson as Doc: Doc is a former addict who is acting as the doctor for the group. He is a former psychologist, and he has a supply of drugs that could be useful in an emergency.
  • Nat Zang as Thomas: Nicknamed 10k, Thomas is the youngest member of the group. He loves to kill the dead, and he has a goal of killing 10,000 zombies, which he is well on his way of hitting. Thomas was forced to kill his father before we met him, and he has a lot of hate and anger because of the situation that they are facing.

If you enjoy a good science fiction series that is post-apocalyptic, then this is a great option to consider. It deals with all of the tough calls that survivors need to make when it comes to zombies in a series like this, but it also includes a lot of humor, so that is fun to watch as well as dramatic. It can be a bit camp at times, but the fun scares that it introduces into the plot helps to keep the show less serious. Even though the show is not airing currently, it is still a series that is well worth watching.

Z Nation
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