White Collar
White Collar
Jeff Eastin
Crime, Drama

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White Collar - Review

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"White Collar" Brings A New Dimension To The Crime Drama

The series "White Collar" was the first broadcast on the USA network after being created by the showrunner, Jeff Eastin. The show was ratings and critical hit for the network after it was broadcast for six seasons from 2010 to 2014 with season one achieving a rating on Rotten Tomatoes of 100 percent fresh.

"White Collar" begins with the convicted con man, Neal Caffrey in jail and struggling to come to terms with the problems he is facing with his girlfriend, Kate. Caffrey is left with only a few months of jail time to serve before he will be released from prison and can return to his life with his girlfriend. Despite the short term, he has yet to serve in jail, Neal is becoming concerned when he does not hear from Kate and decides to find a way to escape his captors, which he does with ease before heading out to find his missing girlfriend.

An FBI Agent, Peter Burke is working on a case involving a forger, known as The Dutchman. As he is working on his latest case, Burke receives a call telling him of the escape of Neal, who he spent years chasing before his eventual arrest. Burke immediately leaves the case of the forger and looks to find the reasons for the disappearance of Neal when he is so close to his release. After becoming so close to the con man over the course of his investigation, Burke begins to realize the only reason Neal would leave prison when he was about to be released is if his girlfriend has some form of problem.

Burke immediately heads to the Manhattan apartment of Kate and finds Neal examining the empty space which only holds a bottle of red wine. Neal confirms this is the sign their relationship is over, but he cannot understand the circumstances of her disappearance which he finds strange. Burke returns Neal to jail and more time is added to his sentence. Before he returns to jail, Neal looks over the case file of the Dutchman and identifies the fibers from the paper used in his forged currency as coming from Canada.

Upon his return to jail, Neal makes Peter an offer and states he will work with him for the remainder of his sentence if he can be released from jail. Peter reluctantly agrees as he tells Neal he does not trust him but knows the knowledge of the con man can aid him in finding the answers to many questions in the case of the Dutchman. The FBI placed a series of restrictions on Neal in return for his help in the case of the Dutchman, including the wearing of an ankle tracker. Peter also tells the convicted felon he is not allowed to investigate the case of his missing girlfriend and if he does not manage to find the evidence to convict the Dutchman he will be returned to prison.

Neal finally makes his way out of jail and finds his way to the small apartment the FBI have rented for him. Unimpressed with the cheap clothes and a small apartment in Manhattan, Neal heads to a thrift store to try and find some new clothes to replace those he has been given by the FBI. At the thrift store, he finds June, a rich widow who is handing over some expensive suits to the store owner until Neal intercepts them. After using his skills as a con man to charm the elderly woman, Neal moves into an apartment at her Manhattan mansion which he feels better fits his personality and position in life.

After introducing Neal to his small team working the case of the Dutchman, Peter and Neal start to research their case and decide a package of antique Spanish books destined for the former are to be used to recreate a series of bonds. Neal estimates the bonds will be worth millions of dollars for the Dutchman and could be his final job before leaving town. Peter understands this could be his last chance to catch the master forger. The FBI Agent and Neal both believe they have a short amount of time to catch the forger or lose him forever which would result in Neal returning to jail without little hope of parole.

Showrunner Jeff Eastin has been working in Hollywood since the 1990s when he made his way to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the film industry. After working with the B-movie specialist Roger Corman on two feature films, the would-be director began to focus on writing. His work has included the Jamie Foxx hostage movie, "Held Up!" and the TV "Hawaii." Eastin has taken a number of shows to the USA network, including "White Collar" and "Graceland."

Neal Caffrey is the conman in "White Collar" and is played by the actor, Matt Bomer who has been a regular on stage, TV, and film since the 1990s. The actor has played a series of characters including parts in musicals including "Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" on Broadway. He has also appeared in the daytime soap opera, "All My Children" and appeared in the "Magic Mike" movie franchise. Recently, Bomer won a Golden Globe for his role in the drama, "The Normal Heart."

Tim DeKay takes the role of FBI Agent Peter Burke in "White Collar" which was one of his first lead roles in a television series after working in the medium since the 1990s. DeKay had recurring roles in the sitcom, "Seinfeld" as a boyfriend of the character Elaine and also appeared in "Friends." Both before and after his appearance in "White Collar," DeKay was an acclaimed stage actor who has appeared in productions of "The Lion In Winter" and appeared on Broadway.

"White Collar" was not only a success in the U.S. but also found success through its broadcast around the world, including its broadcast on the Sky Atlantic channel in the U.K. The show was also broadcast in Canada on the Bravo network and with a French dub on the Series+ channel, and through the Universal network across Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Few shows have received the critical acclaim of "White Collar" has during its run on the USA network. The show has been a consistent success for critics and has been awarded a 100 percent fresh rating with Rotten Tomatoes and a 79 percent rating on Metacritic. Critics from various publications have praised the ability of the show to combine complex storylines with the witty dialog which has become a mainstay of the show.

"White Collar" has joined the ranks of the famous shows set in the iconic location of New York City with the show featuring the city as a character. However, writer Jeff Eastin had never visited New York and write his script with the aid of Google Street View to guide him around the city and gain the feel of the location. Matt Bomer may have found his biggest audience through "White Collar" but he was one of 300 actors auditioned for the role by Eastin. To set the scene and paint a picture of the character, Eastin described Neal Caffrey as "en evil Donald Trump." Although, "White Collar" ended its run at the end of season six the actors and Jeff Eastin have expressed their desire to return to the characters and film a TV movie.

White Collar
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