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The Simpsons - Review

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The Simpsons: A "Dysfunctional" Family

This is a show that started out as a number of brief shorts that were animated characters that were created to represent Matt Groening and his family. In the series, the characters live in the town of Springfield, and the family offers a lot of experiences that can be seen in any working-class family in the country. After the third season of the show, the show landed in the top 30 list for a series and found itself in a primetime location.

The show originally aired in 1989, and after over 660 episodes and 30 seasons, it became one of the longest American sitcoms to be on the air with a primetime slot. The series is designed around situational comedy that could happen to any middle-class American. The Simpson family members lead a life that is open to a lot of jokes that revolve around the family. Homer, who is the head of the family, works in a nuclear power plat, so they can throw in jokes about the environment and the effect that it could have on a small town like Springfield.

One of the most memorable parts of the show over the years has been the opening. It has only changed three times in its history, and each time, it only focused on minor changes and switching it to a more high-definition design. As the introduction begins, you will zoom down through the clouds into the town. As you follow the different members of the family on their way home, you get a perspective of each of the characters that ends with them sitting down on the couch together.

Some of the things that can be seen in the changes in the opening include the words that Bart writes on the chalkboard and the solo that Lisa plays on her saxophone. One of the annual traditions of the show is the Halloween episode that first aired in 1990 called the "Treehouse of Horror." This is an episode that typically contains three shorts that take place outside of the continuity of the show. It always deals with some type of horror, supernatural, or science fiction setting, and on most years, the episode airs in October.

The show was the first successful animation for adults that aired during primetime television, and it paved the way for many of the 1990 shows that fell into the same category for adult humor, which includes South Park, Family Guy, Futurama, and King of the Hill. In fact, many of these shows even shared a crossover episode with four other series.

The Cast of Characters

Like many of the characters that you would see in this type of situational comedy today, the jokes in the episodes and the stories themselves often focus around the main family. There are some support characters that are also notable, but the most important characters include:

  • Dan Castellaneta as Homer Simpson: Homer is the father of the family. His is not the smartest guy in the room, and his catchphrase is "D'oh," which often shows just how dumb he really is when it comes to common sense. He works as a safety inspector at a power plant in the city of Springfield, and his dimwittedness often has him making mistakes at work that could be catastrophic. His love of doughnuts and beer is often a defining part of his personality.
  • Julie Kavner as Marge Simpson: As the mother of the family, Marge is often shown as a stereotypical housewife that has to take care of her family. She has a beehive hairstyle that makes her resemble the Bride of Frankenstein, which is fitting, considering her spouse and all that she needs to do to take care of her family. Her sisters, Patty and Selma, have always disapproved of her choice to take Homer as her husband, and they often make their opinion very vocal.
  • Nancy Cartwright as Bart Simpson: As you may have picked up, the name Bart is actually an anagram of the word brat, which is a great way to describe the oldest son of Homer and Marge. He is a very mischievous character that likes to make prank calls and rebel against authority. His catchphrases for the series include: "eat my shorts," and" Don't have a cow, man!"
  • Yeardley Smith as Lisa Simpson: Lisa is the middle child of Marge and Homer. She loves to play the saxophone, and she is a very passionate, intelligent child. She is a vegetarian that has strong beliefs, and her love of Jazz music helps her get through the day.
  • Nancy Cartwright as Maggie Simpson: Maggie is the youngest of the Simpson family, and she is depicted as an infant in the show that often trips over her clothing and sucks on a red pacifier.
  • Hank Aziaria as Moe Szyslak: Moe is the bartender at Moe's Tavern. He tends to be a grouchy man who is down on his luck. He is often pranked by Bart, and when he gets angry, he is prone to violent outbursts.
  • Harry Shearer as Mr. Burns: As Homer Simpson's Boss, Mr. Burns is often seen making decisions based on his greed. He is the stereotypically boss who is depicted as a villain in the eyes of his employees because his wealth trumps their happiness. His trademark catchphrase is "excellent," as well as "release the hound."
  • Dan Castellaneta as Krusty the Clown: Krusty is a clown who hosts "The Itchy and Scratchy Show." The clown is often depicted as a burnt out clown who is down on his luck. Bart is one of his biggest fans, and even though times are difficult for the clown, he is seen on the show quite often.

The Simpsons is a great show, but in all honesty, it has been on the air for 30 years, so some people may have had their fill of the Simpson family. Showrunner Matt Groening has done a great job keeping the jokes and the character relevant, but are the characters simply getting too old for a primetime slot?

The Simpsons
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