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Crime, Drama

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Ozark - Review

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"Ozark" - the little brother of Breaking Bad

The love money is the linchpin in the life of inconspicuous financial advisor Marty Byrde and just this money will do him right at the beginning of the series to the doom. Because the civilian life proper and reliable Marty also deals with money from another angle: As money launderer of the famous, sought after and infamous drug baron Camino Del Rio Marty goes again and again, and against a good extra income, in the business area of ​​the cartels. Together with his colleague and business partner Bruce, he gives the drug lord a plausible opportunity to use his income for everyday purposes. Since Camino Del Rio does not work on his own, but for the cartel boss Omar Navarro, it does not stay long with the cozy work of the two money launderers.

After Marty and Bruce's $ 8 million disappear in a peculiar way, Bruce disappears from the joint business. Marty gets the blame Del Rios with full force and comes only on the basis of a risky proposal to Del Rio in the opportunity to raise the money - but this plan has a catch: He and his family need to implement their familiar living environment in Chicago out on the land in Missouri.

Now that Marty is implementing his plan bit by bit, telling his family that they are from the heart of Chicago in the middle of the wilderness in the Ozark Plateau of the US state of Missouri, it is almost breaking.

The double life that led Marty in Chicago brought him busy days and little time with his own family. Especially his wife Wendy feels the time spent together as too little. Wendy is strictly against the move to Missouri, even though she initially accepts the story of Marty's alleged transfer. The drug mafia, backwoods families, and mysterious tenants make it impossible for the Byrdes to find peace.

Arriving in Ozark, the Byrdes make acquaintance with a life that is completely different from their previous big-city life. The summer resort is quite different from the expected rural idyll: The Missouri area is turning out to be a world where drug mafia and money launderers are facing each other and trying to assert themselves in their respective branches.

Marty's plan, with which he had rescheduled Del Rio, provided that within five years he would wash the whopping sum of over $ 500 million and return it to the drug lord. This approach seems realistic at the beginning, but it develops its own problems and hurdles.

In the style of Breaking Bad Marty and with him the entire Byrde family slips deeper and deeper into a swamp of impenetrable entanglements. The viewer follows the increasingly confused plans and rescue ideas of the individual protagonists on their way, or even deeper into, the mess.

The series plays again and again with the rapid development of events and the deeper entanglement of the characters in their own plans. The protagonists are more and more interested in survival, the viewer experiences first hand and hopes and is anxious for another, redeeming and ingenious idea of ​​the Byrdes.

Marty Byrde is featured in the Ozark series by Jason Bateman. Bateman is best known to the audience for his work in such films as Smokin 'Asses, State of Play, Operation Kingdom, and Kill the Boss. The American actor now takes over the role of the main character since the series start in 2017.
Laura Linney plays the woman at the side of Marty, Wendy Byrde. Also known from films like The Truman Show, Actually Love, Mr. Holmes and Sully, the actor has also been on Ozark since 2017.
With Esai Morales, the drug dealer Del Rio as high-caliber as Ruth (Julia Garner), Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz) and Jonah Byrde (Skylar Gaertner).

Production of the series:
Created under the production of Media Rights Capital and Aggerate Films, the Ozark series comes from an idea by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams. Media Rights Capital is already known to fim viewers as a company behind successes such as Ted, Babel, A Million Ways to Die in the West or Fast & Furious 7.
The first, ten-part season was commissioned by the Internet streaming provider Netflix and published by this first. Meanwhile, the third season is already commissioned and in progress.
The publication was in Germany, as well as in the United States, on July 21, 2017 in the program of the streaming giant.
The music to the series deliver Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans.

Critics praise the series for its high narrative speed and the increasingly intricate entanglement of the main character in her construct of lies and problems. With a comparison to Breaking Bad and the local protagonist Walther White you are almost right, but the comparison is interrupted again and again by the atypical character traits of the main characters.

In particular, the two sides of the story, the entanglements in the criminal milieu on the one hand, the ordeal of the family on the other hand, make the series particularly demanding and rousing.

The selected turning places could not be more suitable. The desolate province, with its natural beauty, always goes far beyond the problems of the characters and supports the depressing yet exciting plot.
With Ozark, the producers and the team have developed a thrilling and entertaining series that will quickly take the viewer deep into what's happening around the ill-fated Byrde clan.

A clear recommendation for those who long for a thrilling and character-driven series with depth. But since warned: one does not forget the events around Ozark so fast any more!

With the popularity of the series, the real place "Ozark" changed more and more. In the meantime, visitors will not only find many attractions on the "Redneck Riviera" but also a bar. Your name: Marty Byrde's.

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