Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones
David Benioff, D. B. Weiss
Action & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Game of Thrones - Review

This Review was written following only one rule - binge-watching the tv-show for around 10 hours with a lot of popcorn and then wirting down the thoughts - so you can trust this review is honest and truthful.

"Game of Thrones" - the most successful fantasy series of all time

Game of Thrones is one of the biggest serial events of the last decades and is popular with millions of viewers.
The plot of the series is based on the successful book series "The Song of Ice and Fire" by the American author George RR Martin, which also participates in the TV adaptation and is so entangled and complex that here is just a rough outline of history and of the fictional universe can be given.
Finally, the novel also includes a whopping 31 characters, from whose point of view the story is driven forward - side by side, of course.
At the center of the complex plot, divided into three strands, there are tensions between the most powerful aristocratic houses of the empire of Westeros, which is becoming increasingly acute. Between intrigue, love affairs and circumstances, there are always upheavals in the power relations and alliances.

The series takes place in a medieval world, where the seasons can last for several years and whose actual duration is hard to predict.
The royal land, emerging from seven kingdoms, borders in the north on an area of eternal ice. The land of the people is protected by a thousands of years old wall, which is defended by a elite group of people, the so-called night watch. To the east of Westeros is the continent of Essos - little is reported of the other continents in the course of the story.

After the first humans settled Westeros several thousand years ago, they first fought the aborigines Westeros, until they agreed with you and made a pact.
After the first humans were able to stay in the north of the continent, the other parts were overrun by the Andals, which brought the formative "religion of the seven" on the continent.
From this story, the origin of the aristocratic houses emerges, which argue over the iron throne in the course of the series. Owner of the throne becomes king over Westeros - and lives dangerously.

The series thrives on dealing with main characters differently than most other beings: the viewer should not get used to certain characters and characters too much, because playing for the throne is a deadly adventure.
From epic battles to sinister intrigues and assassinations, Game of Thrones has all the reagents of absolute success.
The fantasy epic covers eight seasons and includes one of the most complex storylines ever designed.

The small deviations of the series from the novel make the individual seasons to detailed replicas of the books. Supported by creator of the Game of Thrones universe George R. R. Martin, the creators of the series manage to create an imposing work with a total running time of more than two and a half days.
Fantasy fans, who do not get their money's worth at Game of Thrones, should think about a genre change.

Despite the US production, much of the casts come from Ireland and the UK.
Peter Dinklage plays as Tyrion Lennister one of the main characters and has been named as one of the first actors for the new series.
Sean Bean, known from his roles in Hollywood productions such as The Lord of the Rings or Heat, also plays a key role in the first season of the series.
The mysterious Daenerys Targaryen is played by Emilie Clarke. The British actress is known to audiences from Solo: A Star Wars Story and Half a Year.
Maisie Williams spits the young Arya Stark and thus another main character of the saga. The Brit is known from films like The Failing and the BBC series Doctor Who.
Kit Harington gives the role of Jon Snow, another of the tragic protagonists of the story. The British actor, who has been made easy especially for his voice in how to train dragons 2 and 3, is also a part of it together with many other actors.

The series officially lists 552 Castmembers - but no comparison to the literary template: Here 2103 characters are named. A final listing is therefore omitted here.

Production / Director:
With the acquisition of rights to the literary template in 2007 by the broadcaster HBO began work on the series. The two executive producers and screenwriters of the series are David Benioff and D.B. White.
The production costs of the first season amount to about 50-60 million dollars. With the insane success of the first episodes more and more seasons were commissioned at regular intervals
The broadcast of the program was initially exclusively at HBO, later various streaming platforms were then supplied with the episodes.
The German broadcast on Pay TV is mainly on Sky, in free TV, older episodes of the series are published by RTL. Already completed squadrons can be purchased and viewed by virtually all streaming providers.

Serial rating and review:
Game of Thrones is considered one of the most successful series ever released worldwide and is HBO's most successful program.
The submitted reviews and audience votes are mostly positive and certify the series best marks.
Game of Thrones won several critics and audience awards over the air, including a record 47 Emmys.
Also the published DVDs or Blue-Rays sold record-breaking.

The series is an absolute must for all fantasy friends and will probably already have been seen by the vast majority. The stunningly comprehensive universe offers everything your heart desires with its mysterious characters, rousing fights, dramatic relationships and unforseen turns.
Even if the adaptation of the literary role models does not always succeed in detail, producers and cast manage to create a dense and credible world that follows their own laws. The political intrigues and power games are reminiscent of House of Cards, the scheming bastard of HBO's success The Sopranos.

The extremely high-quality and unrivaled production makes Game of Thrones an absolute standard work of serial culture, this epic is clearly recommended to look and look again!

During a visit to the set by Queen Elizabeth II, the ruler was repeatedly offered to sit on the Iron Throne - the media coverage and attendant attention would probably have been a blessing to the team around the producers. But due to the prescribed etiquette, the Queen could not comply with this wish: she is forbidden to sit on a throne other than her own, whether real or invented does not matter in this rule.

Game of Thrones
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